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William Shakespeare - Macbeth

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1.When Macbeth is seated at the banquet table he see the goast of who?

A. Duncan  B Banquo C.None of these D.Banquo's sun

2.Where does Macbeth take place?

A. Scottland B.England C. Clarenville D, France

3.Malcoms soildiers deguise themselves with:

A. Green clothing B.Peasent cloths C. Peaceful flags       D Boughs from Birnam woods

4. Duncan's two sons are

A.Malcome/Donalbaine B. Macduff/Lennox C. Macbeth/Lennox D.None of the above

5. What was Macbeths main reason for killing the king

A. His wife belittled him as a man B. Because of the witches prophises C. Because hes ambitious D. Because he enjoyed killing people

6.How did Macbethtell his wife about the witches prophises?

A. through a dream B.Through a song C. Through a poem D,Through a letter

7. Because of lady's Macbeth disturbence with the murders her husband commited, how does she react

A. She don't react at all B. she keeps passing out C.She keeps her hands in a bucket of water D. She sleepwalks

8. Did Lady macbeth:

A incourge Macbeth to kill the king B. Discourge him him do the murder D.None of the above

9. Whos say's this quote: "I fear thy nature; its too full of the milk of human kindness

A. Macbeth B. Duncan C. Lady Macbeth D. Macduff

10. Macduff swears he's going to kill Macbeth when:

A. His family is killed B. The King is killed C. Lady Macbeth is killed D. None of the above

11. What did Macbeth see in a vision

A. His Wife B. witches C. Dagger D. Grave stone

12. King Duncan made Macbeth thane of what...because one betrayed him

A. Glamis B. Cawdor C. Scotland D. Ireland

13. Macduff was born

A.of woman B. born of a monkey C. born of a C-section D. none of the above

14. Who does Lady Macbeth kill in the play

A. Macduff B. Duncan C. Banquo D Herself

15.  Who becomes the next king of Scotland after Macbeth?

A. Macduff B. Malcome C. Manson D Donaldbain




1. Banquo

2. Scotland

3. Birnam Woods

4. Malcome/Donaldbain

5. Because he's ambitious

6. Through a letter

7. She Sleepwalks

8. Incourges him to kill the king

9. Lady Macbeth

10. When his family is killed

11. Bloody dagger

12. Cawdor

13. Born of a C-section

14. Herself

15. Malcome

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